What happens to joint accounts when someone dies?

Joint bank accounts between spouses are becoming less common, with only one in eight married couples sharing all their funds in a joint account according to The Sun Newspaper in 2019.  However, as the population ages, adult children often have joint accounts with their elderly parents.  This has the benefit of making life simpler whilst the parent is alive, but might cause issues after they’ve passed away. How do I get access to the joint bank account? If you were married or in a civil partnership: If there is a surviving partner or spouse, then the account will be transferred [...]

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What to do when someone dies

After someone passes away, alongside all the emotion from such a difficult time, there are administrative jobs to be completed.  This article describes the main steps to be taken after someone has died.  It also links with other resources available on our website, which deal with topics such as probate and inheritance tax in more detail. Get a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death This legal document explains how someone died.  If this is clear, then a doctor can issue the certificate soon after they have passed away.  If the person died suddenly, or the cause isn’t clear, [...]

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We can’t afford a funeral, what do we do?

According to the SunLife “Cost of Dying Report”, the average cost of a full funeral in the UK in 2020 was around £4,200.  For many families this is an unaffordable sum.  This article describes the different ways to keep the costs down or to apply for help to cover the costs.First things first: it’s important to check whether the person who’s passed away had a funeral plan.  This will normally cover many of the basic costs of funeral, although the cost of the plot for burial or of the actual cremation may not be included. Is there a funeral plan?A [...]

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