What to do when someone dies – Checklist

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Prepare for the funeral

Check if you’re eligible for financial help

Arrange the funeral / direct cremation

Inform organisations and people about the death

Property (if empty/going through Probate)

Property (if tenanted)

Property (if transferred)

Deal with the estate

Upon Issue of the Grant

Prepare to pay

Look after yourself

“Heaven knows how I would have gotten on in the past few months without you. It’s a magnificent service and I honestly can’t thank you enough. It was a relief to me and my son to have you by our side, and the whole Settld team was wonderful.”

Anne, 71,
Settld Concierge User

“Having Settld to help me and mum deal with Dad’s death was a godsend.
Knowing things were getting taken care of – and that my mum had support whilst I was at work – provided genuine peace of mind.”

Mark, 49
Settld Concierge User (& Anne's Son)
Settld is not legally liable for the contents of this checklist. This checklist is a guide, and may not cover every action required. It is recognised that it will change from time to time. Settld advises the Notifier to obtain legal advice, which can be provided via the Settld Concierge Service.