You can use Settld to notify over 950 organisations

Depending on the complexity of the estate, you can choose between Settld’s Free Account Support or Premium services. Unsure what probate is and whether you need it? See our FAQs.

Free Account Support

Ideal for simple estates if you just need help with notifying companies about a death.

Notify companies in one go.
Request account change (closure, transfer, freeze).
STOP marketing and mail.
Obtain date of death balances and documents from companies.
Missing Asset Search

Ideal if you want peace of mind that you’ve located all potential accounts and policies.

Free Account Support (notify companies, request changes and stop marketing).
Missing asset search of over 200 key financial institutions.
Located accounts added to your secure Settld dashboard.
Request access, account closure or transfer across all accounts.
Obtain date of death balances and documents from companies.
Estate Distribution Warranty, for the value of £10,000 over 10 years.

How it works


Complete Settld’s secure web form. We verify your identity to protect you against fraud.


We notify all companies on your behalf, provide account change updates, and let you know when your requests have been completed.


Reclaim the cost of using our Probate service from the Estate once probate is granted.

Bank-grade security technology

Data encrypted in transit

Data encrypted
at rest

Multi factor authentication

Data stored in ISO27001
certified UK data centres

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