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Notify the Credit card providers of an account holder’s death – in one go

You have so much to deal with when someone dies – Settld is here to help, for free. 

Complete one form, to close, freeze and transfer all the financial accounts of the person who died. Then track everything to completion in one secure space.

What Settld can do

Most people save 20 hours of admin stress and hassle by using Settld to:

  • Send the Credit card providers a death notification for sole and joint accounts

  • Request account updates, as per your needs*
  • Provide Date of Death balances

  • Request cancellation of direct debits

  • Request marketing and mail to be stopped

Expected timeframes

Timeframes are set by each company, independent of Settld’s processes. Wherever possible, Settld works with companies to improve their bereavement processes and achieve faster resolution times. Click here to support our Better Bereavement Charter.

Common Questions and Answers

Do I need the credit card number to use Settld?2023-03-29T12:38:18+00:00

This information is not mandatory, but does speed up the process for credit card providers if you have it to hand. We do need the deceased’s full name, their registered address on the account, and their date of birth.

*What will happen to joint and sole Credit card accounts?2023-03-29T12:45:31+00:00

For the vast majority of credit card providers, both sole and joint accounts are closed depending on the date of death balance. 


Can I update the card holder if I am not already named on the account?2023-03-29T12:40:52+00:00

No, if you are not already named on the account you will need to close the account for the deceased and re open a new account under your details.

What if there is no will – can I still use Settld?2023-04-18T15:21:56+00:00

Yes. However, if there is no will, most credit card providers will ask a “Next of Kin” to act on behalf of the person who died. Please check who the immediate next of kin should be here, as per the rules of Intestacy.

I want to use Settld on behalf of the next of kin – is this possible?2023-03-29T12:43:04+00:00

Yes. The Settld form will ask for consent from the next of kin. They will be asked to sign a short form, saying that they are happy for you to act on their behalf. Settld will not be able to notify any companies, without this information.

Will the credit card provider contact me regarding the final balance ?2023-03-29T12:43:35+00:00

If there is a final balance to pay, some providers detail the ways to pay this when providing the date of death balances to Settld. Other providers may use a partner company that will contact you directly regarding the balances.

Can Settled obtain account statements for me?2023-03-29T12:43:55+00:00

If you need account statements and interest certificates, please call the credit card provider. For privacy reasons, Settld cannot do this for you. 

How long will it take for the credit card providers to stop sending mail in the name of the person who died?2023-03-29T12:44:24+00:00

Most companies take up to 6 weeks to update their systems. Unfortunately, timeframes are set by each bank, and Settld does not have direct control over this process. Wherever possible, Settld works with companies to provide a better bereavement service, so please let us know if problems persist and we will flag this to the credit card providers for you.

Which Credit card providers will Settld notify?

If you do not see a building society listed below, please add the company to your Settld form or write to We’ll always attempt to contact them on your behalf.

  • Argos card
  • Barclaycard
  • Capital One
  • Halifax credit card
  • HSBC credit card
  • Lloyds credit card
  • MBNA
  • M&S Credit
  • Nationwide credit card
  • Next
  • Royal Bank of Scotland credit card
  • Sainsbury’s credit card
  • Santander credit card
  • Vanquis credit card
  • Virgin Money credit card

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