From childbirth to home move

Avoid 50 hours of admin
and secure over £1,960 in savings*

for just £150

How it works


New life event: Select the companies to contact, and account updates to make.


Settld contacts the listed companies on your behalf and manages all account changes.

One-click account management

No more calls to make, forms to fill or emails to send. Use Settld to update your accounts through all key life events. For £150, Settld will support you with:

  • Change of address (home move)

  • Change of name (marriage, divorce, legal name change)

  • Change of employment (retirement notice)

  • Change of phone number / email address

  • Relocation / Digital Nomad

  • Move to assisted living

  • Distribution of Power of Attorney

  • Bereavement and Probate

  • Birth or adoption of a child

What people say about Settld

Highly recommended.
This service was a godsend.

Thorough and professional.
Communication was superb.

Easy to navigate.
Updates were excellent.

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* Over £20 billion goes missing in the UK each year, because account and policy holder records are not updated. A typical individual is at risk of losing up to £1,960 because of this, by the time they die. 50 hours of admin is associated with 5 life events.