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Settld is currently unable to notify Gumtree on your behalf, as a result of their processes. 

Please feel free to make contact directly, by writing to support.response@gumtree.com.

We would be very grateful if you’d add your support to our request that Gumtree works more closely with Settld to improve services for other bereaved customers. Please follow this link to add your name. 

Thank you 

How to contact Gumtree

Please visit Gumtree’s information page for more details.

Please note that Settld will not be able to follow up on delays or centralise updates for companies that you contact directly. If you wish to use Settld, our service is:

To find out more about Settld, click here.

Required documents and information

To notify e-commerce companies through Settld or directly, you are likely to need:

  • a scanned copy or clear photograph of the death certificate

  • the email address that the account is registered to (you may also need the registered phone number if there is one)

  • account / reference number (if available)

Use Settld

What people are saying about Settld

“Using Settld stopped me from making and getting a lot of phone calls, from different companies, asking questions and asking me to send documents and supply other information like the death certificate, and then having to keep track of it all […] When I got an email saying there was an update from Settld, I simply logged into their portal to see the progress.

I would recommend Settld because it takes a lot of stress out of what is already a really stressful and anxious time. It means there is just one single point of contact, and that makes a big difference.”

Steve Whitehouse

Settld User

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