Research shows that 4 out of 5 people find end of life admin is difficult.  More on the industry report below:

Settld publishes bereavement industry report on End of Life Admin

Tech Nation national winner, Settld, reveals end-of-life account angst for families across the UK.

One of the most painful of all tasks linked with the death of a loved one is closing their accounts and subscriptions. In our survey, nearly 88% of people found it difficult or very difficult to do this.  

We also asked about how people were organising their own affairs. Respondents told us that their top three priorities for end of life planning were:

  • writing a will and estate planning (74%)
  • buying life insurance (48%)
  • compiling a list of final wishes (46%)

Who made the “End of Life Admin” survey?

Settld conducted this research on end-of-life admin services. The company has developed an award-winning secure service for bereavement account administration. They also founded the campaign for better ‘Bereavement Standards’ with national Bereavement Charity, Cruse Bereavement Support. 


Quotes from the Founder

Vicky Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Settld, said: “This survey shows exactly why Settld’s service is so badly needed in the UK.  It’s why we have fought for much better standards of customer service for those dealing with the death of a loved one.

“Settld eliminates a huge amount of admin stress for bereaved individuals. Our free online service means they no longer have to contact individual service providers and repeat the same words: “my loved one has died” over and over again.

“We are also helping to cut costs and improve efficiency for a growing number of service providers. They can use our technology to streamline their processes. In this way, we are working towards more consistent Bereavement Standards.” 


What does Settld do?

Settld enables members of the public to notify more than 800 companies of a death in one go. This covers banks and insurers, energy firms, mobile providers, subscription services, social media platforms and others.

Our online service also helps users close, transfer or amend accounts and obtain date of death balances for probate. The vast majority of the communication with service providers is handled through our online dashboard which can be accessed at any time.

Settld’s growing B2B business streamlines and digitises bereavement processes for service providers. We offer a solution specifically designed for bereaved and vulnerable customers. This can achieve up to 50% reduction in cost to serve, along with significantly reduced call handling volumes.

Customers consistently give us 5-star reviews, for our one-stop shop, free, automated service.