Why do so many companies make life a misery for grieving families?

Too many big British companies lack compassion, empathy or processes to support bereaved customers. Lisa Baker, Editor of UK Business News quoted George Monibot after his tussle with Vodaphone after his mother died. Mr Monibot described how he was: “...seeing shocking reports of corporate bullying and exploitation, that in some cases appear to amount to elder abuse.” Vicky Wilson, CEO of Settld which was created to deal with end of life admin, has a campaign to find the best and worst companies when it comes to dealing with bereavement. Vicky Wilson has urged members of the public across the UK [...]

July 15, 2022|Categories: Press Releases, Media Coverage|

Why do so many companies make life a misery for grieving families?

Why do some of the biggest names in British business make grief miserable for bereaved families? Too many companies lack compassion, empathy and efficient processes, when dealing with bereaved customers. This makes grief miserable whilst families are left struggling with end of life admin. Settld CEO backs George Monbiot’s Twitter tirade against service providers for making grief miserable after a loved one has died.   That’s the view of Vicky Wilson, chief executive of multi award-winning death admin service Settld. Her comments follow a tirade on Twitter about his treatment by the well-known writer and journalist George Monbiot. Monbiot’s family faced [...]

Northumbrian to streamline end-of-life account administration

Northumbrian Water has struck a deal with Settld to streamline end-of-life account administration. This will make life simpler for those handling the affairs of a customer who has died. The deal, which the company claims is an industry first, also includes its Essex and Suffolk Water subsidiary and aims to enhance customer care and improve efficiency following a death. All bereaved families need to do is to visit the Bereavement Support page which links to Settld's service.  This allows customers to tell Northumbrian Water that someone has died but also to close down any other outstanding accounts. For more information, see here. [...]

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