• Kindora makes it easy for new parents to spend smarter
  • Settld alleviates end-of-life admin angst for the bereaved
  • Techstars founder duo take centre stage at Web Summit

TWO pioneering female founders are joining forces at this week’s Lisbon Web Summit to shine a light on technology which eradicates unnecessary financial and admin stress for those dealing with the beginning and end-of-life.

Tech entrepreneurs Vicky Wilson and Sarah Ouellette have redesigned start and end-of-life web services through their two young companies, Settld and Kindora.

Kindora’s mission is to remove the stress involved for young parents who traditionally have to splash the cash on new baby goods, like prams, when newborns are on the way.

Settld is changing the way bereaved families handle end of life admin, by removing much of the unnecessary angst involved when multiple companies need to be individually notified of a death.

Both founders are ‘breakout startup’ speakers on the main stage at Web Summit – which is billed as the world’s most influential tech event, and which Forbes describes as the “best technology conference on the planet”.

Settld’s free service allows members of the public in the UK to notify over 750 companies of a death in one go – from banks and insurers to energy firms, mobile providers, subscription services and others. It also allows users to close, transfer or amend accounts and obtain date of death balances..

Settld’s co-founder and CEO, Vicky Wilson, said: “There’s an enormous amount of unnecessary stress for bereaved individuals, not just in the UK but around the world, and particularly over the last 18 months of the pandemic. I am convinced that Settld’s technology can be the global solution to a global end-of-life problem, and in doing so  alleviate stress for millions of grieving families worldwide.”

Kindora is an online retail platform for buying, selling and renting premium children’s products such as prams and cribs. It connects buyers with sellers and provides a space for brands to sell additional stock. 

Kindora’s founder and CEO, Sarah Ouellette, said: “There is so much unnecessary environmental waste and money spent on brand new products for newly-born and young children which many parents, and the planet,  can’t afford. Kindora provides an elegant solution which is environmentally friendly, smarter for family finances and a solution to a global problem felt by families everywhere.”

Both founders and their companies were selected from hundreds of startups to take part in the Techstars accelerator London programme in 2021. This  makes Settld and Kindora two of the most exciting startups in the world this year.