These are the documents we always need:

  • Death Certificate (if this is not available, the Interim Coroner’s Certificate)
  • Proof of your identity: your passport, driving licence or residency card

These are the documents we may need, depending on the service provider:

  • A Will, if one exists. You’ll need to upload the title page, the page with the Executor details and the signature page
  • Proof of your address. A recent utility bill is preferred, but a council tax bill is also acceptable. If you don’t have either of these, a credit card, bank or building society statement issued in the last 3 months will also be accepted by most companies 

For any documentation required, please upload either a scanned copy or a photograph. Photographs should be clear and capture the information clearly – we won’t be able to work with blurry images.

We will also ask you to provide additional information about the person who died, as part of the Probate application.