Christine, 65, read about our free service in a Good Housekeeping magazine article a few months after Settld launched.

She tore the feature out for future reference, because her husband had a terminal brain tumour. After her husband’s death, in August 2021, Settld was one of Christine’s first points of contact.

“Because my husband had been given a terminal diagnosis, I knew at some point I would need help getting me through this minefield.”

She says using Settld removed 100% of the stress involved in dealing with his accounts. Christine wants all companies to urgently standardise the documents they request and accept digital versions, to make life easier for all bereaved customers. 

Settld took away 100% of the stress.
I found it easy, especially at a time when you might not be thinking too clearly.
I’ve had friends that have lost parents, especially during COVID, where they have been constantly on the phone to lots of different people and companies trying to sort things out.

I must admit, beforehand, it felt that dealing with the admin behind the scenes was going to be as traumatic as my husband’s death. Even though he had made lists and put things in order and I knew the companies and passwords required, there was still a lot to do, and people you have to contact.

Doing it through Settld made it a lot, lot easier. It was a straightforward process and one which made me feel relieved that all the paperwork nightmare was quickly dealt with.

“The whole process was finished almost before I knew it.”

I think the service Settld provides is excellent. But I think service providers really must move into the 21st century and accept digital documents or scans, wherever possible, rather than demanding the paper versions.

There also really needs to be something like a digital death certificate rather than sticking in the past with traditional paper certificates, this alone would make it simpler and faster for those having to notify companies of a death.

Service providers also need to standardise the documents they require. It would make life much easier for people in my situation. I have even mentioned to them that they request we go paperless for such things as bank statements, TV licences, receipts, car tax etc in an effort to save paper and save the planet and yet we revert to type at the end of our life! Ironic isn’t it!

“Being prepared for her husband’s death really helped Christine and it’s comforting for us at Settld that she knew where to turn when she needed us, thanks to the feature in Good Housekeeping. As Christine points out, service providers ask for a variety of different documents and we echo her sentiments that they should accept digital documentation wherever possible, and that a digital death certificate would be an enormous step forward. It’s something we have been demanding and for which we have cross-party backing in parliament. We urge the government and service providers to act now to improve the treatment of thousands of bereaved families.”

Vicky Wilson, CEO and co-founder, Settld