Nicola discovered Settld after reading an article in the Sunday Times, about a bereaved widow’s experience of using the service.

The next day, Nicola, who was also grieving the loss of her husband, searched online for further details. 

Although Nicola had concerns when it came to security and giving out her own personal information, the Settld team worked closely with her throughout the process, to make sure she felt fully comfortable. 

“In my experience, there was always somebody, a member of the team, who I could phone to help me at any time. That was very helpful and was made quite clear to me right from the start.” 

As someone who was extremely grateful and impressed at how much she was helped in her time of need, Nicola hopes she can help to spread the word to more individuals who might require the service.

I’d never heard of Settld, until I was reading, just by chance, a Sunday newspaper, which highlighted the case of a woman who had used the service.

As I had never heard of you, I was very nervous about who I was giving personal information to. I might not have pursued it if it hadn’t been for the team. They phoned me regularly to reassure me and to help. They gave me a lot of their time.

I think there’s a need for greater awareness about the service. The customer service team really were super. They were lovely – helpful and kind, and not just that, but professional, very thoughtful and considerate. I’d give 10 out of 10 to the team at Settld! 


“We were extremely pleased to be able to help Nicola in her time of need and to ensure that she was comfortable using the service, instead of overwhelmed, when she needed to deal with her late husband’s accounts.

“Our free Settld service saved Nicola time and stress. We pride ourselves on always being available at the end of the phone whenever we are needed or when questions need answered.”

Lisa Ann Gilfillan, Customer and Community Manager, Settld