Retired civil servant and mother of three Joyce Whitehouse, from Stretford, Manchester, died in February 2021, after a long term illness.

Her son Steve, who lives and works in Fleetwood, Lancashire, needed to notify a dozen companies about his mum’s death and settle her accounts. Steve had seen a TV feature on Settld on BBC1 and immediately got in touch.

Having seen Settld on BBC1 when the service first started up, I’d kept them in mind just in case I needed them in the future. When, unfortunately, my mum died, I found the website straight away.

It was very straightforward. Settld made it very easy. It was fantastic to be able to let someone else take on the burden.

Using Settld stopped me from making and getting a lot of phone calls, from different companies, asking questions and asking me to send documents and supply other information like the death certificate, and then having to keep track of it all. Death administration is quite hard anyway but when you have a full time job, and you’re trying to sell a house and other things, it just all adds pressure. 

“There is just one point of contact, and that makes a big difference”

With Settld, it was all focused through one central point rather than different companies getting in touch with me, and me getting in touch with them. When I got an email saying there was an update from Settld, I simply logged into their portal to see the progress.

The government has their own website for government related accounts so that helps. But that doesn’t help with non government based accounts, so Settld were just perfect for doing that.

I would recommend Settld because it takes a lot of stress out of what is already a really stressful and anxious time. It means there is just one single point of contact, and that makes a big difference.


We are extremely pleased to have been able to help Steve settle 12 different accounts after his mother’s death. It’s also encouraging that Steve remembered us from our feature on BBC1 TV last year, and we hope that other viewers will remember that Settld is free and here to help, whenever they need us in future.”

 Gagan V Gupta, Customer Service Manager, Settld