Notify the Pensions FAQs

How long will it take for the pension provider to stop sending mail in the name of the person who died?

Most companies take up to 6 weeks to update their systems. Unfortunately, timeframes are set by each organisation, and Settld does not have direct control over this process. Wherever possible, Settld works with companies to provide a better bereavement service, so please let us know if problems persist and we will flag this to the Energy provider for you.

March 29, 2023|

Do I need the Pension policy number and policy type to use Settld?

If this information is available, it does speed up the process for Pension companies to locate the policy. We do need the deceased’s full name, the registered address on the account, their date of birth and National Insurance number.  Having the policy type helps us to reach out to the appropriate department, thereby speeding up the notification process.   

March 29, 2023|
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