Northumberland Gazette : Bereaved families to benefit from new NCC services with Settld

From the point of a death being officially registered by the Registrar, Settld will provide a range of services – including a detailed checklist for those handling a death and support in closing, transferring or changing financial, digital and household accounts.

Bereaved North East families to be offered step-by-step guidance as Registrars partner with Settld

Northumberland County Council and award-winning bereavement admin service collaborate to provide enhanced assistance for grieving families dealing with the death of a loved one Northumberland Registrars to signpost to Settld alongside government’s Tell us Once service Step-by-step help offered from point of a death being registered Pioneering agreement welcomed by North East organisations as a boost for bereaved families   NEWS RELEASE  Bereaved families in the North East of England are to be offered pioneering step-by-step guidance and assistance to deal with the heavy admin burden following a death. A new partnership has been announced today between Northumberland County Council [...]

What happens to your pension when you die?
(And how to best prepare)

Pensions are essential for retirement planning, but their fate after death must also be considered.  In this article, we look at how you can ensure the smooth transfer of pension benefits to your loved ones. We also review the key steps your Executor or personal representative will need to take.  Around 79% of UK residents contribute to a pension, demonstrating their importance for financial stability in retirement. Understanding how pensions impact UK inheritance tax (IHT) is critical, as exceeding £325,000 per person in the UK can result in a 40% tax on the estate. If a pension holder dies before [...]

Auctioning a property after a loved one dies 

Estate administration can be a challenging and emotional process. One crucial aspect of this is deciding on the best method to sell any properties in an estate. Two common options are selling via an estate agent or auctioning the property. In this article, we will explore the benefits of auctioning a house to help you select the right option for you. Advantages of auctioning a property: Faster Sale Process: Auctions have set dates and a structured process, leading to a quicker sale compared to traditional estate agent sales. This can be especially beneficial for bereaved families who need to settle [...]

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