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What if the provider I want to notify is not on Settld’s list?

Settld can currently notify over 950 different organisations on your behalf. These include household services (utilities, TV, phone, broadband, loyalty cards), digital services (social media, digital entertainment, online shopping) and financial services (banks, building societies, credit card companies, pension providers and insurers). Please note that we will do our best to notify and streamline the communication with each Service Provider, but there may be some companies that will request to speak with you. For those companies, we will hand over that notification to you directly. To notify government agencies such as the Department of Work and Pensions or the DVLA, [...]

May 9, 2023|

What does Settld do?

Settld informs any non-government organisation of a death in one go, and handles the closure or transfer of accounts (from banks to social media providers) in one secure place. We also provide guidance and links to other services you may need, such as Probate, property clearance and local grief support.

April 19, 2023|
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