Is this service secure?

Yes. Settld is compliant with all data laws and requirements. We use industry best practices to ensure data security in storage and transmission. We run our service on cloud based products that have the highest privacy and security protection. Onfido, the identity verification provider that we work with, is used to verify that your documents are authentic and have not been stolen or tampered with.

January 23, 2024|

Is Settld a legal service?

Settld is not a legal firm but we have in-house probate experts. We are formally supported by the Law Society, and part of the Barclays Bank Legal Tech program.

January 23, 2024|

What other details might I need for probate?

Executors’ up-to-date names and addresses Deceased’s National Insurance number Account/reference numbers  Details of a deceased spouse and marriage info More in depth personal and financial info if you need to pay inheritance tax

January 23, 2024|
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