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What if there’s no Will? Intestacy Rules

What if there’s no will? A guide to intestacy rules What are intestacy rules? How do they apply? Most of us know that we should probably have a will. Research from Canada Life Ltd suggests that 59% of us, or 31 million people, don’t have one. Families and friends have nothing written down about what should happen to our estate after we pass away. If someone dies without leaving a will, then the estate is known as Intestate. If there’s no will, Intestacy Rules apply in England and Wales. This article gives an overview of the rules and processes. Please [...]

Maybe Insurers Could Offer an End-Of-Life Advice Service?

Could insurers offer end of life advice? Settld thinks insurers could offer an end of life advice service as an extra component of Life and Health policies. Many people find dealing with banks, subscription services etc extremely distressing. Motor policies have a typical legal package offered as a standalone extra. We think there's scope for an  expert, professional end of life advice service with practical help online. Here’s some research from Settld. Settld's End of Life Admin Research Found: Nearly 90% of people find the process of contacting individual companies to close the accounts after someone died, difficult or [...]

Inheritance Tax Forms

As part of applying for a Grant of Probate, you will need to complete an inheritance tax form (IHT). You will need complete an IHT irrespective of whether there is tax to pay, unless the estate is exempt from Probate. There are a number of Inheritance Tax Forms (IHT forms) but the ones that most people have to think about are IHT205 and IHT400. The choice of form depends on the Gross Value of the Estate. The Gross Value of the Estate is the value of everything in the estate (including property, vehicles, jewellery, money in the bank, savings, assets [...]

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